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Project Management and Construction

Our team have a wealth of expertise in the New Homes sector spanning 35 years from land and planning, construction and sales and marketing to ensure that whatever project we are working on we can support the delivery process from start to finish.

As we are developers ourselves, we understand all the hard work that goes into creating schemes that deliver not just quality homes in beautifully landscaped surroundings, but new communities where people can come together and have a sense of ownership with their environment.

We are experts in delivering over 500 homes a year and are currently working on joint venture schemes with Hyde, Orbit, Optivo and Latimer Homes across the South East.




We are a trusted brand of choice to work with on partnership and joint venture schemes and through our group of companies we provide expertise at all stages of the management and construction process.

So no matter what the complexity and scale of the project you can be sure that we will deliver quality homes, in a sustainable way and support your team and customers through the whole journey.